Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

Liffey Meats strive to be an environmentally conscious and responsible company. Our policy is to ensure that all aspects of the business have the least harmful effect on the environment. To monitor this we have set up an Environmental Management System which aims to:

  1. Keep up to date with all current and emerging Environmental Legislation and ensure compliance.
  2. Adhere to the conditions set out in our Discharge Licence by ( ) and aim to have zero non compliance’s.
  3. Monitor the implementation of the policy by carrying out periodic audits of compliance and where necessary introduce remedial measures.
  4. Develop a monitoring program to assess its environmental performance and communicate its environmental management performance through Annual Environmental Reports.
  5. Ensure all employees, in the course of their duties, act in accordance with our environmental standards.

In addition areas of particular attention within the business will be the selections of non-polluting technology, waste minimization, re-use/recycling and the reduction in energy and water usage.
Liffey Meats Ltd. also strive to make a positive contribution to the local community by encouraging open communications, general environmental awareness and the promotion of community projects